Exhibits & Activities

Finds from this year’s archaeology dig at Ramsey Abbey.

Fossils with Amalia Robertson

Amalia’s Essay

Major Floods in the 20th Century

(Hilary Joyce)

Waters Important to Chatteris

(Hilary Joyce)

Fenland Drainage

The Chatteris Court Leet

The Chatteris Workhouse

The Sutton Urn

Sutton Urn

Ramsey Abbey – The Pilgrims Trail

Dress Making

Sewing Machines

Chatteris Dock

VE Day 75

From research by by Viv Marsden and Margaret Deighton





Eric Boon

Bricstan – The Miracle Man

Bricstan is a well know name in Chatteris – but do you know who he was?

Click here to find out about Chatteris’s First Resident:      Bricstan2019









The upper level of the Museum is accessible to wheelchair users by way of a
stair lift.


Floor Plan G

Floor Plan U




























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