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“Ædwen owns me, may the Lord own her. May the Lord curse him who takes me from her, unless she gives me of her own free will.”

Chatteris Museum are delighted to announce that over the Summer we have (on loan) Aedwen’s Brooch – also known as The Sutton Silver. (Replica)

Entry and this experience is FREE of charge!

An 11th Century Viking ‘Ringerike’ style silver disc-brooch.

The 6 inch diameter, 4 ¾ ounce shallow silver disc is engraved with foliage and animals in 12 narrow pointed oval fields. It was in a lead casket ‘turned up’ by the plough in a field at Sutton in 1694. Also inside were a hundred silver coins of William the Conqueror, (dated to 1088,) five heavy gold rings, a plain silver dish and this decorated silver brooch with Anglo-Saxon and runic inscriptions on the back. It was found at Sutton in the Isle of Ely and dates from the early Christian age when this area had been governed under Danelaw. The whereabouts of all the other items has been lost over the 320 years since their discovery.

The Brooch is not out on display so you must ask to see it. You can handle it and will be given a full ‘guided tour’ and the story will come alive.

Tower Tours


This exhibition is on for 3 years. We hope to stimulate local interest and encourage people to bring in other finds as well as hoping to discover the original tumulus site.


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