Activity Trails for Children at Chatteris Museum

(sponsored by Chatteris Osteopaths)

From August onwards, help Chatty Mouse to find his way home with his FREE activity trails around the museum. Just ask at the entry desk for you trail and receive an award for completing it!!


Chatty Mouse SMALL






PDF version of the flyer below HeritageV&Vexhbn HeritageV&Vexhbn

The Peter Jeevar exhibition will be opening in June. Watch out for the posters. Peter is a resident in Chatteris who has written several books. He has also drawn and illustrated a huge range of things, particularly aircraft from the 1930s through the 2nd World War and afterwards. Also a published poet from his time living in Scotland. He wrote about the eccentric and legendary local people of Aberdeenshire. His research on Cambridge Curiosities, Dovecots and characters like Thomas Hickathrift, with beautifully illustrated drawings of buildings and people will enthral, amaze and amuse everyone.

We also plan to have a commemoration of the start of the battle of the Somme in July to complement the remembrance ceremonies being planned by the Royal British Legion.

Heritage weekend Sunday 11th September, we are holding a ‘Vintage and Veteran’ motorcycle rally in Church Lane car park, opposite the Museum. Let us know if you would like to have a place or would like to help out.

Cambridgeshire Association for Local History makes a small number of awards each year to the authors of books which make a substantial contribution to local history. Two of this year’s winners concern Chatteris. We have copies of their books in the Museum. Well done to them all. They are:

Roger Boulton  – A policeman’s lot in 19 century Chatteris

Gordon Phillips and Nicky Stockman – Chatteris remembers – WW1

Don’t forget we have available loan boxes which depict periods or themes of Chatteris history and have objects to handle and can usually arrange for talks on various local subjects such as the Abbey, the High Street and the Ancient Human Occupation of Chatteris.

Ian Mason

For more details contact Ian Mason on 07979 334833

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