About Us

Chatteris Museum is a small local museum concentrating on the town itself and the surrounding fenland area.

Our collection was first started in 1942 as a result of an interest in local history by Mr Charles Dobb, the  clerk to the council.  Initially his little collection was housed in a small glass cabinet in the old Urban District Council office in Grove House, and the collection continued to grow.1996.1186 T

In 1963 a complete room full of display cabinets was officially opened as Chatteris Museum.  Eventually the museum took over the middle floor of Grove House and before long there were enough cabinets to fill 4 rooms.

In 1995 the museum moved to its present location into what had been the doctors’ surgery in Church Lane it also shares the building with Chatteris Town Council.

The Museum is owned and managed by a team of Trustees on behalf of Chatteris residents.  It is run on a day to day basis by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Discover the ancient market town of Chatteris from earliest prehistoric settlement to recent times. Over 600,000 years of human occupation is here to see in dozens of stone tools and grave goods. See replicas of a 3,000 year old Bronze Age shield, spear and rapier [found in a log boat,] alongside a 6th century Anglo Saxon glass claw beaker, from ‘the grave of a king’. See the Iron Age links with Stonea Camp, Boudicca and the Roman building at Langwood Hill. Learn about St Huna of Honey Hill. There is an amazing display of the records, charters and a seal from the Benedictine abbey built in 980 AD. Visitors can also view a wealth of unusual objects including “bog oak,” travelling stocks from 1774, an early ‘bone shaker’ bicycle and pair of 20’ long charity collecting poles. Further exhibits illustrate traditional aspects of Fenland life on an island, the waterways and drainage, the railway boom and the wealth of a prosperous 19th century market town.


The Museum’s touch screen kiosk archive contains over 9,000 photographs and documents copies of which can be made on request. Research facilities are available and ‘loan boxes’ covering specific periods are available for schools, local groups etc. Contact the Museum for details.

Usual opening hours may be extended for special events and exhibitions. Contact the Museum for details.



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